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E-mail of the day II

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 16, 2004 12:33 PM

I am an American citizen of Somali [descent] who came to United States in 1989. I agree with your assessment of people coming to this country to do mischief, destroy properties to undermined our economy, and kill innocent lives and disrupt our way of live, under the banner of human rights and fear of prosecution.

I came from Somalia when then the Somali dictator Siad Barre was in power. I did have a legitimate claim of fear of prosecution from his military regime at the time. However, in recent years it became quite routine process for anyone who can claim to be from Somalia to simply state the fact and without further background check and verification be granted an asylum. Also, in recent years Somalis from other countries like: Canada, UK, Scandinavians, and other European Union are falsely claiming that they are from Somalia and seeking asylum in the United States.

The reason why I wrote to you is my frustration with the State Department’s agency that handles refugee and asylum process. I am not angry with anyone but it is unfair to lot of people like me to do everything they suppose to do while refugees and asylees can simply jump the line ahead of everybody else.

I filed family reunion papers for my mother and siblings in 1998 with the immigration. They are still in the process, while refugees and asylees have the first priority to reunite with their families before they become employable and can support themselves, the sad thing about the whole affair is American taxpayers are footing the bill without really knowing about it…

…This is the best country in the whole world. When I could not go to my country, America gave me the opportunity to better my life and that of my family ; I am appreciative and grateful for that. I do not want my sons to be looking their shoulders for the rest of their lives because the have muslim names. I escaped from killings, destruction, mayhem, tyranny, dictatorship. I do not want the same people whether Somalis, Arabs or anyone else for that matter disrupt my live and create panic and bring back bad memories.

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