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Not-so-happy campers

By Michelle Malkin  •  June 29, 2004 05:32 AM

Investigative journalist Paul Sperry reports on a Customs memo ordering airport immigration inspectors to be on the lookout for Pakistani visitors who might have attended terrorist training camps:

In an unusual move, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has ordered inspectors at America’s largest airports to examine all travelers of Pakistani descent — including U.S. citizens — for minor injuries such as “rope burns,” “unusual bruises” and “scars” possibly suffered while training in terrorist camps in that ally Muslim country, according to internal U.S. documents obtained exclusively by WorldNetDaily.

A two-page “action” bulletin, labeled “For Official Use Only,” warns that recent intelligence gathered in Pakistan and elsewhere indicates that individuals traveling to train at terrorist camps in Pakistan may be planning to carry out terrorist activities within the United States between now and the presidential election in November.

The bulletin directs agents at major international airports in New York, New Jersey, Washington, Detroit, Chicago and Los Angeles to “increase scrutiny” of passengers who are naturalized U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents of Pakistani descent, and “who exhibit evidence of suspicious travel, including short trips to Pakistan not related to family or business.”

The closely held bulletin, dated June 17, orders primary inspectors at the airports to refer suspicious persons to secondary inspections areas for further questioning. The special inspections are authorized to run at least through late July.

“If we see any irregularities,” an immigration inspector told WND, “we escort them to secondary for a very in-depth interview and search.”

Inspectors also have been advised to examine travelers of Pakistani descent for physical signs that they’ve engaged in paramilitary training in Pakistan…

All well and good. But meanwhile, the Department of Transportation is busy suing airlines, making them pony up extortion funds, and forcing them to conduct racial/ethnic sensitivity classes so that their stewardesses and pilots refrain from engaging in exactly the kind of vigilant security measures that Customs and immigration agents are now undertaking!

Thanks, Norm Mineta.

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