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By Michelle Malkin  •  July 10, 2004 09:32 AM

My old hometown of Seattle–the Berkeley of the Pacific Northwest–just can’t stop showing its contempt for America.

Take a look at this disgraceful incident on Bainbridge Island, a few miles west of Seattle proper (and the future home of Hollywood liberals Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston). One of the participants in Bainbridge Island’s annual Independence Day parade was Jason Gilson, a 23-year-old military veteran who was injured in the line of duty in Iraq. He wore his war medals and carried a sign indicating his support for President Bush–heresy on liberal Bainbridge Island. Upon seeing Gilson and his sign, the crowd booed and called him names including “murderer” and, yes, “baby killer.”

Kevin Dwyer, mealy-mouthed executive director of Bainbridge Island’s Chamber of Commerce, is quoted in Seattle Post-Intelligencer writer Robert Jamieson’s column making excuses for the crowd’s outrageous behavior: “I believe (Jason’s) mom when she said her son was called ‘a murderer.’ But I’m sure it wasn’t so much directed at the kid as it was the president. A soldier with a sign represents that.”

Meanwhile, at the same parade, Jamieson reports that “people bearing pro-Kerry signs were cheered and applauded for, among other things, tooling around in an environmentally responsible car.”

The Seattle area’s reprehensible treatment of Gilson is par for the course. The region is represented, after all, by Baghdad Jim McDermott–who had taken Saddam’s cash and trashed America while on an Iraq junket as our soldiers prepared for war.

And a few months ago KVI talk show host John Carlson wrote an outstanding column about how “Seattle Welcomes Everyone–Except Patriots.” Excerpt:

Today the entire city prides itself on its open-mindedness. Seattle not only tolerates nonconformity, it celebrates it. It is Seattle where a proposed group home for homeless alcoholics would allow them to drink in their rooms. It is Seattle where police were ordered to pull back during WTO, which allowed the streets to be taken over and occupied by tens of thousands of demonstrators. It is Seattle where a man running for mayor got up during a candidate forum wearing a housedress and combat boots and started dancing on a table. It is Seattle where not one politician, progressive pastor or academic has complained about a sign hanging in a storefront on Rainier Avenue urging “Victory to the Iraqi Resistance!” It is Seattle where a militant black Muslim, James Ujaama, who eventually pleaded guilty to aiding the Taliban, was initially defended by some journalists and civil rights leaders because of his previous community activism.

And feelings matter too. It was in Seattle where County Executive Ron Sims sent out a memo during the holidays asking his employees not to wish each other a “Merry Christmas” because it might inadvertently offend some people.

It doesn’t matter how far out your politics, religion or beliefs are, Seattle is committed to fostering respect for all points of view.

Except one.

If you are a supporter of George W. Bush, or a Republican, or even just an old fashioned, flag-waving patriot, you are not welcome in The Emerald City.

Ken Potts, a veteran of three tours of duty in Vietnam, lives in Seattle’s Shoreline area, where his property and truck have been repeatedly vandalized. The reason? He supports George Bush.

His house has been bombarded with eggs, both front and back, his truck scarred with a one-foot scratch. Mail containing left-wing and anti-American literature was sent anonymously to “The Patriot.” “I assume,” he says, “it is because I have a large “Bush-Cheney” sign on my house. I also have the 101st Airborne Flag flying night and day and also the American flag on a 25-foot pole during the day. My mail box was also blown up three times last year until I mounted a 20-pound one on a solid steel post cemented into the ground…”

Until Baghdad Jim McDermott apologizes to Jason Gilson, until John Kerry condemns his people’s treatment of a war veteran, and until Seattle’s harassment of U.S. soldiers and patriots ceases, we should stop calling them “anti-war.” Despite their vehement protestations, they are anti-troops and anti-American.

The Left insists that “dissent is patriotic.” In Seattle, it’s seditious.

UPDATE: Lt. Smash has been on the case. Rightwingduck juxtaposes past and present. Spoons says: “There are two Americas–and Seattle is in the other one.” Lots of other great comments. Keep ’em coming.

And oh, by the way, the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored the parade and apparently approves of the way the parade announcer disparaged Jason Gilson, can be reached at info@bainbridgechamber.com. Feel free to share your thoughts.