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By Michelle Malkin  •  July 12, 2004 10:36 PM

A few days ago, I blogged on the Philippines going wobbly in the face of threats by Islamofascists who kidnapped a Filipino truck driver in Iraq. Now, just as I feared, it looks as though President Gloria Arroyo has fallen over completely. According to Reuters:

“The Philippines will withdraw its forces from Iraq “as soon as possible,” Philippine deputy foreign minister Rafael Seguis said on Monday in a statement he read out on al Jazeera television. “In response to your request, the Philippines … will withdraw its humanitarian forces as soon as possible,” Seguis said according to al Jazeera’s Arabic translation of his remarks. His statement was addressed to a group calling itself the Islamic Army in Iraq, which is holding a Filipino driver hostage and has threatened to kill him unless Manila agrees to withdraw its troops by July 20.

“I hope the statement that I read will touch the heart of this group,” Seguis told the satellite television from Baghdad.

Seguis ends his pathetic bleat with this statement to the terrorists:

“We know that Islam is the religion of peace and mercy.”

Looks like it’s time to add the Philippines to the Axis of Weasels. This is a grave embarrassment to a country that has long prided itself on its fighting spirit and its people’s willingness to die for the cause of freedom. I know my grandfather, who fought alongside U.S. troops and survived the Bataan Death March during World War II, would be cursing mightily had he lived to see this day.

Update: Cranial Cavity welcomes President Arroyo to the Coalition of the Appeasement Monkeys.

Wretchard at Belmont Club calls her a Manila Folder.

Captain Ed concludes that “the Filipinos have guaranteed that the Islamofascists will continue its kidnap-and-behead strategy, undermining the efforts not only of the US but also those of the nascent Iraqi government. While their new security forces train to find and eliminate these lunatics, the Filipino government accedes to their “requests” as if they have diplomatic standing. It’s a dispiriting display of political cowardice on behalf of the Arroyo administration, who would have been much better served by standing fast.”


Update II: So much for Balikatan. Man, am I eating those words tonight.

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