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By Michelle Malkin  •  July 16, 2004 10:15 PM

Ok, the kids are asleep.

1) Skeptics (yeah, even the ones who hate my guts) are having an interesting discussion here.

2) Still no word from any other passengers. It’s possible that after Jacobsen appears on the networks, folks will come forward.

3) Reader Liz Roewe has sent several questions to the editors of WomensWallStreet.com and has yet to receive any answers. An excerpt from her latest e-mail to the editors follows:

To Women’s Wall Street Editorial Board and General Management:

Dear Editors,

Let me start by saying I began as a very sympathetic reader. I read Annie Jacobsen’s article with interest and I felt you all were doing a good thing to get this article out to the public. I’m disappointed that you all have not responded yet to my first email. I read the article by Annie Jacobsen and want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but you all must understand and embrace the responsibility necessary to publish her account and you all should be able to embrace the scrutiny and searching for the truth that should naturally result from putting this account out to the public.

Why did only your public relations person speak to Michelle Malkin instead of one of you, or a corporate representative????

[From Jacobsen’s article: There were 14 Syrians on NWA flight #327. They were questioned at length by FAM, the FBI and the TSA upon landing in Los Angeles. The 14 Syrians had been hired as musicians to play at a casino in the desert.]

OK, well then name the NAME of the casino, and the NAME of the musicians, and the booking agent… Editors, help.

[From Jacobsen’s article: To receive any follow-up articles about Annie’s experience, click HERE to register to become a member. You will receive an e-mail notifying you of any subsequent articles on this subject.

Red flag, red flag…why am I becoming a member of a financial website to receive emails notifying me of subsequent articles?? Cue the scary music…stay tuned with this cliff hanger …..but wait where is the empowering civil outrage, where do the editors want this incomplete article to take us to?? Kinda leaves us with a big Huh????

[From Jacobsen’s article: Do you have any thoughts about this article that you’d like to share with our e-ditors?]

I did and I do, and no one has responded to my email.

As a mother with an August 2004 ticket on a Northwest Flight #327 flight, you all immediately got my attention.

I think you all get pretty poor marks for follow up in so many regards. You’ve lobbed a journalistic bomb without the professionalism to take it above anecdotal girl chat and that seems sad to me, especially when it may be that Annie Jacobsen does have an interesting account but to make it NEWS on your website it has to stand up to the scrutiny of good journalism and good editors…

Please contact me respond to my questions.


Liz Roewe

4) A reader who listened to the KVI interview was not impressed with Jacobsen:

This woman did not even sound like a credible person. The radio host had to prompt and it even seemed like he was reminding her of the main points of her story and when he would ask her for analysis she kept saying “It is not my place to speculate” or “if you read between the lines of the story you will understand” She also seemed a little too excited to be giving out her website at every opportunity (a website by the way that only has 1 other story written by this esteemed writer, and also a site that the editorial staff had to debate over running this story).

Yeah, this bothers me.

5) More sense from Sensing and a response from the equally sensible Andy McCarthy.


Morning additions:
Blaster’s Blog
sums things up nicely:

The discussions around the Annie Jacobsen article are “is she telling the truth or exaggerating,” and “if she’s telling the truth we are all doomed or it’s shows that things are working.”

Count me in on the “things are working” crowd. No defense is perfect, but an active defense, combined with staying on the offense, is pretty darn good, and a damn sight better than what we had. Remember, John Kerry’s idea – such as it is – is to return to what we had in the 90’s. A bad idea. That’s still the choice: live, and have the French hate us, or die.

2) Power Line pursues the Syrian band angle.

3) A timely Mark Steyn flashback.

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