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By Michelle Malkin  •  July 18, 2004 06:46 AM

I’m scheduled to be on Fox News this afternoon at around 1:30pm to talk about the Filipino cave-in to terrorism. Meanwhile, as Islamic head-choppers sharpen their blades in search of more Angelo de la Cruzes to use as extortion tools, the Philippines is in an uproar over…Jay Leno. Leno had joked on his show Wednesday:

A new world record has been set in the 100 meter dash. It was set by Filipino troops fleeing Iraq.

Yup. The latest news is that the remaining members of the Philippine police and military contingent in Iraq are to withdraw on Monday, according to Foreign Secretary Delia Albert. De la Cruz has been seen on video without the orange jumpsuit, promising that he’ll be home soon. And Australia’s foreign minister, Alexander Downer, published a strong rebuke of the flaccid Filipinos in the Wall Street Journal – a must-read.

I continue to get a flood of e-mail in response to my Mollycodding Milksops of Manila column. It’s mostly positive (and that includes mail from Filipinos around the world). The remaining hate e-mail falls into two categories: 1) from sputtering “B-b-b-b-b-but it’s more complicated than you think” capitulationists and 2) from the “how dare you betray your race” bash-bots. This one made me giggle:

From: aznrocketman@hotmail.com
To: malkin@comcast.net
Sent: Sunday, July 18, 2004 1:19 AM
Subject: Townhall Comment: Take a look at your face

Dear Ms. Malkin,

I, like thousands of others, am a proud Asian American. I am proud of being my ancestors, their customs, and am proud to still be practicing the ancient religion (Buddhism).

What I am not proud of, are Asian Americans who act white, who dont care or embrace where they come from.

Ms. Malkin, i just recently read your article of you putting down the phillipines. What do you think you are??? How can you put down your own heritage and ancestry, in newspapers, that circulate to thousands, if not millions of readers in this country??? Yes, if you really feel that way, it is okay, i understand the point you are making. But putting down your own ancestry in front of millions of non-Asian readers, thats just a shame.

Us Asians need to UNITE, and yet, we still have white washed people like you, who recognize yourself as American, before Asian…

Getting to my point, TAKE A LOOK AT YOUR FACE MS. MALKIN. You are Asian whether you like it or not. You have great power in the media, and you should use it to help unite Asian Americans, rather than put down your own heritage and ignore the fact that you are an ASIAN American.

Next thing you know they’ll be criticizing me for marrying outside of my race. Oh, wait. The Aztlan crowd already has that covered.

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