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I believe the Jacobsens

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 19, 2004 11:44 PM

Just watched the excellent special report on MSNBC hosted by Joe Scarborough regarding Annie and Kevin Jacobsen’s account of what they saw on Northwest Flight 327. I am going to keep this short and simple, as this will be my last blogword on the matter unless anything new breaks.

I believe the Jacobsens. I believe they observed what Annie called “not normal behavior” by an unusually large group of Arab foreign nationals. I believe they witnessed a dry run for a terrorist attack. I don’t believe they were “paranoid.” I believe they were acting as responsible parents and responsible citizens who take their post-9/11 obligation to remain vigilant at all times dead seriously.

I will be doing a lot of flying over the next few months, and I will act–without apology or shame–as the Jacobsens acted on their flight. As much as possible, I will be aware of what’s going on in front and in back of the planes I ride. I will pay attention to detail. I will remember faces and gestures and odd objects. I will write things down. I will pester the flight attendants, discreetly, if I witness anything of concern. I won’t hesitate to contact authorities if my gut tells me that danger is imminent. And I will be prepared to fight for my life.

Bottom line: I will not be lulled by the fashionable apathy of the blind. And I will not be cowed by the politically correct protestations of the dumb.

To those who shrug that “nothing happened” and that this is “not news,” I say: Wake the *%&^#@ up and stop acting like 9/10 sheeple. Better a false alarm than a flaming plane.

Update: Rod Dreher, Dallas Morning News op-ed editor, informs us that on his op-ed page, “we published an edited (for length) version of Annie Jacobsen’s original account. You won’t find it on our website because our agreement with Womenswallstreet.com only gave us print rights. But the story is now officially in the mainstream.” Excellent to hear. Still nothing in the Washington Post.

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