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Berger & a side order of lies

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 21, 2004 12:53 PM

“Inadvertent?” What pure 100 percent FDA-approved B.S.

Instapundit has a good round-up of comments from folks who work with classified documents and are familiar with security procedures at National Archives and other libraries. Jonah Goldberg is getting an avalanche of similar e-mails. John Hinderaker shares his experience doing research at the State Department.

My own aside: Last summer, while doing research at the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley, I’ll never forget how scrupulous the staff was with unclassified documents. On my way in, I had to show two forms of identification, store all my bags and backpacks in a locker, relinquish my pen for a library-approved pencil, and submit my notebook for inspection before signing in and entering. On my way out, a staffer inspected every single page of some 100 pages of copied documents that I had made and rifled through my notebook. The young lady was zealous enough that she might have checked my pants…if I hadn’t been five months’ pregnant and pestering her to speed it up so I could waddle to the ladies’ restroom.

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Berger and a side order of lies

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