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Answering Michael Moore

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 28, 2004 11:47 AM

A number of bloggers have come up with excellent responses to Michael Moore’s question to Bill O’Reilly, “Would you sacrifice your son to secure Fallujah?” Here are three of my favorites:

“No parent makes that choice for their child. You can enlist in the army when you are 18 years old, an adult. An adult who makes his or her own choices….Asking me if I would sacrifice my own child is disengenous, Mr. Moore. Now if you were to ask me how I would feel if my grown child were to freely and of his own will enlist in the army during this war, I would tell you that I would be proud of him for wanting to serve his country, join the process of bringing peace and democracy to another land and combat terrorism….” —Michele Catalano

“[V]ery few people are going to be willing to send their child off to die for any reason at all. If every parent of an American soldier was guaranteed to lose their child in a war, the United States would never go, or have gone, to war for any reason.” —John Hawkins

“If a child of mine wished to pursue a career in the U.S. military, I should be proud. If he was then sent off to fight in a hot war, in which the USA had engaged under the proper conventional and constitutional procedures of this republic — under the command of the President, with the approval of the Congress — I would make no attempt to stop him. If he died in combat, I should grieve as a loving parent; but I would blame nobody. And if anyone tried to make political capital out of my child’s death, I would loathe that person.” —John Derbyshire

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