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Dem convention follies II

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 28, 2004 05:18 AM

(The first part of this file is buried so deep, I figured I better start a new one.)

7/28 Edition.

Best bloggy round-ups. I have limited access to TV tonight. Here are a few good places to visit for convention nuggets: Poliblogger‘s got “bite-sized” facts and funnies. INCITE is live-blogging every night.

7/27 Edition.

Best description of Hot New Democratic Young Thing Barak Obama
: Jim Geraghty over at the Kerry Spot calls him “Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford 2.0.”

Weirdest moment of inappropriate laughter: Teresa Heinz Kerry giggling when she delivered this line: “John is a fighter. He earned his medals the old-fashioned way, by putting his life on the line for his country. (Giggle, giggle.) No one will defend this nation more vigorously than he will — and he will always be first in the line of fire.”

Maybe she was giggling again about his nightmares.

Most noxious Ted Kennedy quote: Every single word.

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