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Sullivan smackdowns

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 28, 2004 06:53 AM

Andrew Sullivan’s “pay for my bandwidth” pledge drive has inspired several imitators.

The Spoons Experience writes:

[P]urely out of spite, I have decided to hold my own pledge drive. My only goal is to beat Sullivan on a pro rata traffic basis. As of today, According to Sitemeter, Andrew’s average daily traffic is 56,809. Mine has been down a bit, but currently averages 1,319 — 2.3% of Andrews. Therefore, my goal is to raise 2.3% of what he does. Really it should be more, because this blog is at least 63% better than his, but the math gets really complicated that way.

Laurence Simon kicks off the Give Your Money To Anyone But Andrew Sullivan Project. His goal: to “help make the world a better place (for everyone but Andrew Sullivan).”

IowaHawk comments on the high cost of bandwidth:

As you all know, blogosphere bandwidth, like fine diamonds and Grey Poupon, is incredibly expensive….Case in point: it takes a cool $8.95 each and every month to keep this blog humming. You heard me right: nearly nine U.S. legal tender smackerinos. And if you did the math, or had a calculator, that’d probably figure out to close to $100 year or something. Sure, no problem if you’re a deep-pockets poobah like Bill Gates or Lileks, but for us struggling scribes who don’t have elite five-figure incomes and and army of VC angels, it can mean deciding between a hot meal and voicing our opinion.

Update: Whoa. Lucianne.com readers have grown tired of Sullivan, too. Samples:

Is Sullivan having second thoughts about jumping ship? If so, he’s too late. I doubt any conservative will want him back on our side again. Sullivan’s proven to be highly fickle and untrustworthy. He deep-sixed the War on Terror, which he previously backed zealously, in protest over Bush’s anti-gay marriage position. Sullivan’s priorities are mixed up, to say the least.

By playing both sides of the street Sullivan has as bigger base from which to cadge money.


Update II: Even Donald Trump is complaining about rising bandwidth costs.

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