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Baldwin vs. Baldwin

By Michelle Malkin  •  July 29, 2004 11:42 AM

Via CNSNews: Has-been gasbag actor Alec Baldwin “slammed the influence of religious conservatives on Wednesday, telling Democrats that the Republican Party ‘has been hijacked by these fundamentalist wackos.'”

Meanwhile, Alec’s brother, Stephen Baldwin, who became a born-again Christian two years ago, has teamed up with Christian evangelist Luis Palau to produce an extraordinary documentary on Christian athletes called “Livin’ It.” Stephen recently appeared on Pat Robertson’s 700 Club to promote the film:

Stephen says he gave his life to the Lord at that time, but his interest in Christianity didn’t become strong until after the terrorist attacks on September 11th. In March 2002, Stephen was baptized at church.

He realized that there was not a lot of Christian content in the secular marketplace and looked at starting a company that offered quality Christian media to young people. After attending a festival in Syracuse, New York, put on by the Luis Palau Evangelistic Association, Stephen, 37 at the time, was inspired. “I’ve been to MTV and all of that worldly stuff,” he says. “It’s death. It’s meaningless.

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