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By Michelle Malkin  •  August 7, 2004 11:51 AM

It was wet and dreary outside in a typically Pacific Northwest way, but the big crowd at Cedar Park Church in Bothell last night provided a remarkably warm welcome. Thanks to all who came out. The showing from the other side was rather anemic, and contrary to the biased Seattle Times report (and yes, that 8-year-old photo of me is hideous), the audience and KVI host Rusty Humphries were extremely polite to those who expressed dissenting, but incoherently rambling, views. One guy started ranting about Japanese-Americans being crucified, started screaming about Jesus Christ, and looked like he was ready to attack one of the KVI staffers with the microphone, which he held on to with a death grip until the tech people were forced to turn it off.

I did have the pleasure of briefly meeting Professor Tetsuden Kashima of the University of Washington, who has written an interesting book on this subject (which I critique in mine). He urged the audience to read Eric Muller and Greg Robinson’s commentaries on my book. I seconded his recommendation and gave out the The Volokh Conspiracy’s website address to the audience.

I’ve been unplugged and offline for the past day and will be again today as I fly back to the East Coast. Got a few blog items that I’ll leave behind and will catch up more with y’all after I arrive in New York. Have a great weekend!

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