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By Michelle Malkin  •  October 27, 2004 01:17 PM

The Drudge scoop today points to alleged American al Qaeda Adam Gadahn. Here are some handy background links:

-The FBI bulletin.

-Gadahn’s Muslim manifesto posted on a USC website.

-Debbie Schlussel’s report on Gadahn’s radical imam.

-More on the Islamic Society of Orange County at Little Green Footballs.

-Blogger Jon at Right Side Redux did some poking around into Gadahn’s past work for a little e-zine called Xenocide here.

-Robert Spencer reports on The New Face of al Qaeda.

-And before the anti-profiling absolutists start using Gadahn as their new poster boy, note that the FBI says he was just one member of a Khalid Sheikh Mohammed-hatched plot to blow up gas stations in the Baltimore area. The lead conspirator in the plot was Pakistani Majid Khan –a relative of convicted Pakistani al Qaeda operative Iyman Faris–who was sentenced last fall for his role in plotting to sabotage the Brooklyn bridge. Also reportedly tasked on the Baltimore bomb plot was Pakistani Uzair Paracha, charged last summer with aiding al Qaeda operatives seeking entry into the U.S.

– A little more on the ABC tape at the Kerry Spot…and Lorie Byrd muses about a terrifying October surprise.

– Fox News coverage of the ABC News non-coverage at The Daily Recycler. And a follow-up report from Fox News here. MSNBC says CIA can’t authenticate the tape.

– Profile of Gadahn in City Beat, focusing on his pre-Islamist conversion love of heavy metal (hat tip: Alia)

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