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By Michelle Malkin  •  November 2, 2004 09:28 PM

Slimeball Rhodes Scholar Brad Carson loses to conservative Tom Coburn. Sweet! And in case you missed the desperate left’s last-ditch dirty trick trying to link Coburn to a white supremacist group, check this out:

The man alleged to be the author of an article, circulated in Indian Country, about a white supremacist group endorsing Tom Coburn has confirmed that the letter is a fake.

“I don’t even know who Tom Coburn is,” Kirk Lyons told the Native American Times from his home in North Carolina. “I have no interest in Oklahoma politics.”

The bogus endorsement claimed that Dennis Mahon, a former imperial dragon of the Oklahoma Ku Klux Klan and leader of the White Aryan Resistance of Oklahoma, said he supported Coburn because “Brad Carson’s liberal-socialist agenda would empower Jews, Indians, Blacks and homosexuals.”

The endorsement was posted on several left-leaning websites, including one that caters to Indian issues. Lyons, of the CAUSE Foundation, was attributed as the author. In the early to mid 90s the CAUSE Foundation worked “in the area of civil rights representation for white majority, primarily involving overzealous government,” according to a 1994 interview with Lyons.

Lyons said the group has been defunct for years and that somebody likely used the name of the organization to “embarrass” Coburn.

There is another CAUSE Foundation, but they are based in Colorado and work to protect the rights of airline employees.

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