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By Michelle Malkin  •  November 3, 2004 06:27 AM

You know everyone’s gonna have one–the winners/losers list. Might as well get started. Feel free to add.

Winners: Swift Boat Vets
Losers: Lawrence O’Donnell, Chris Matthews, Mary Mapes, insert every other Swift Vet-hating media elitist here

: Hillary Clinton
Loser: Terry McAuliffe

Winner: Zell Miller
Loser: Tom Daschle

Winner: Florida Gov. Jeb Bush
Loser: Florida election lawyers

Winner: Ron Silver
Loser: P. Diddy

Winner: Blogosphere
Loser: MSM

Winner: Hugh Hewitt (hat tip: Powerline)
Loser: Andrew Sullivan…and The Daily Kos (hat tip: Red State)

: Security moms
Loser: Teresa Heinz Kerry (wonder how long before it’s just Teresa Heinz again?)

Winners: Mark Steyn readers
Losers: Euroweenies

Winners: Clark County, Ohio voters
Loser: The Guardian

Update: John Miller’s list is here.

Update II:

Winner: America

Captain Ed puts it nicely

One aspect of this election that may have been lost in all this analysis is that we successfully held a national election in the middle of the war on terror — and while we had a highly negative and immature discourse, no one shied away from speaking out, and we turned out in record numbers (at least it looks that way now), rather than cower under our beds. Democrat or Republican, Libertarian or Green, pat yourselves on the back. You just won a major battle against the terrorists.

Update III
: James Taranto’s list is here.

Update IV:

Big losers: Exit pollsters, George Soros

Update V: Great list sent to me by reader Dan Nadas…

Winner : Mayberry
Loser: Haight – Ashbury

Winner: American Cheese
Loser: Muenster Cheese

Winner: The Unborn
Loser: The Un

Winner: Dennis Miller
Loser: Springsteen

Winner: Fahrenheit 911 (Oscar Best Picture)
Loser: Michael Moore

Winner: Red, White & Blue
Loser: A stinky yellow barn coat

Update V: John Hawkins’ list is up.

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