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By thisistwitchy  •  December 31, 2004 12:44 PM

Ace of Spades, one of my daily must-reads, turned one this week. Congrats!

And while we’ve got the champagne glasses out, it’s my half-year blogiversary this month. Thanks to all my readers for stopping by, tracking back, commenting (before my comments section was overwhelmed by trolls), and sending tips and e-mails. Keep ’em coming. Thanks also to the fellow bloggers who’ve blogrolled me and offered helpful advice/constructive criticism. And thanks to all who voted (without any prodding!) for this blog in the best media/journalist category of the Wizbang awards. It was truly humbling to be in such great company and to place second after only six months in the blogging biz.

Finally, to all the playa haters who can’t resist checking in here and then scuttling back to their caves to stick their rhetorical pins into my virtual voo-doo doll, you are very welcome for the off-label therapeutic relief this blog may provide.

Y’all come back now. 2005 will be even hotter.


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