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By thisistwitchy  •  December 31, 2004 12:02 PM

Just received an e-mail from reader Carol T. about cable TV slobberer Chris Matthews:

Matthews is using your face in his commercial while the voiceover is saying “No one stops the spin like Chris Matthews”…inferring of course that YOU were the one doing the spinning on that blasted show of his – when we know it was the reverse. I think your attorney should send him a “cease and desist” immediately. This is an illegal and slanderous use of your image and persona, in my humble opinion.

Unlike Carol, I’m not bothered by MSNBC/Matthews using my image to try and rescue their network from the sewer. It’s beverage-sprayingly hilarious. Maybe he’ll stop calling me “Michelle Malkin or something” now.

This is also snort-worthy: “No one stops the spin like Chris Matthews.” Could MSNBC have come up with a lamer FOX News Channel rip-off? Why don’t the suits just go ahead and rename the show “The O’Matthews Factor?” It’s a No [One Stops The] Spin [Like Chris Matthews] Zone! (But, as we all know, it is not a no-spit zone.)

Maybe O’Matthews should rip off O’Reilly’s Talking Points Memo, too. You know, have a segment at the top of the show giving us his hard-edged take on the issue of the day. Oh, no, wait a minute. MSNBC’s Joe “Real Deal” Scarborough is already copying that. Drat! How about closing the O’Matthews Factor with “The Most Ridiculous Idiotic Item of the Day?” Brilliant!

Beyond all this, the ratings-starved Matthews has yet to apologize to John O’Neill, Larry Thurlow, and the Swift Boat Vets he savaged throughout the campaign without having read their book. I hear Matthews’ brother, a Republican county commissioner in Pennsylvania, was disgusted by Matthews’ treatment of the vets. At least one Matthews has a soul.

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