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I’ve been hearing from several citizen watchdogs about allegations of massive Democratic election fraud in Wisconsin. Reader Ron LaCanne sent me this summary:

A state representative has been asking the Milwaukee Election Commission for information on the number of votes cast by voters who voted and registered on the same day (Wisconsin Law allows voters to register at the polls the day of the election). By law all same day registers are to be validated by mail immediately after the election (Their votes get counted regardless of their status).

Rep. [Jeff] Stone finally received an answer Monday of [last] week. He was told that there were 8,300 same day votes and approximately 900 were unable to be delivered. Assuming about one third of the same day votes will not be verified because there is no such address, etc., that would mean approximately 2400 illegal votes were cast. Sounds bad! Well…..

Rep. Stone today received a call from the Election Commission. They were a little bit off. They actually had 73,000 same day votes cast. 10,000 voter registration cards could not be sent because they have no addresses or incomplete or inadequate information. Using the same one third return rate that means in Milwaukee alone more than 25,000 illegal votes were cast. You can expect that the cities of Racine, Kenosha and Madison to have similar results.

By the way George Bush lost Wisconsin by 12,000 votes and Milwaukee votes 80% or more Democrat. Please use your contacts in that wonderful blogger world to helps us. We won’t get any help from that lousy socialist rag the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Dirty Harry, who blogs at Stranded on Blue Islands, elaborates:

It’s only after your vote is counted verification begins, with a follow-up mailing to verify you do live at the address and that the address is valid. Well, as of today, and in Milwaukee alone, 10,000 votes cannot be verified.

Bush lost the entire state by a mere 11,384 votes.

Here’s where things get even stranger:

Milwaukee’s population is around 600,000. Of voting age: 430,000. According to election officials 83,000 people same-day-registered to vote. That’s 20% of eligible voters. I can’t find statistics to compare that number to prior elections but it sounds high. (If someone has the numbers, please forward.)

In 2000 Al Gore won Milwaukee by 22 points. Kerry won by 35! That contradicts a lot of trends — even Wisconsin ones. But bottom line, 6500 votes counted in Milwaukee for Kerry cannot be verified. This whittles his state-wide lead down to 5,000, and makes one wonder what happened in other state Democrat strongholds like Madison and Racine…

Emcee has more details via Wisconsin talk show host Mark Belling.

Litttle Green Footballs has more blog reports.

Lorie Byrd comments: “I am sure that when Democrats see all the voting irregularities in a state that went for Kerry by a much smaller margin than Ohio went for Bush that they will start protesting the Wisconsin electoral vote as well. Well, why wouldn’t they?”

Yup. Go figure!

Update: Sean Hackbarth at The American Mind has details on Wisconsin’s same-day registration regulations and more reporting here.

And keep checking in at Boots and Sabers for continuous updates and round-ups of Wisconsin blogger coverage.

Blogs for Bush weighs in, too.

Update: Woo-hoo. Captain Ed is on the case–and is he on it! Read his analysis. He concludes:

Why does the Silence Of The Cheese continue to deafen our national media? If they have their way, Clarice Starling wouldn’t come within 500 miles of Milwaukee but instead would chase down red herrings in Cleveland, Ohio. It almost convinces me that political bias plays a role in mainstream media coverage. Good think Dick Thornburgh told me otherwise.


Update II: Captain Ed does more election math.

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