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By thisistwitchy  •  January 25, 2005 10:44 AM

In response to my post about the plane of suspected illegal alien Chinese in San Antonio forced down by homeland security officials last night, this tip just came in:

The co-owner of the plane, Afzal Hameed, is president of Alpha Tango Flying Services in San Antonio, which trains pilots and mechanics.

Guess who trained at Alpha Tango Flying Services–which, by the way, caters to Saudi Arabian flight students(!!!!):

Among their clients were three Arab flight students investigated by the FBI, including Al Qaeda operative Abdul Hakim Murad , who was arrested in Manila in 1995 and later convicted in New York of plotting to blow up a dozen U.S. airliners over the Pacific, then crash a suicide plane into CIA headquarters.

The FBI has been keeping tabs on Alpha Tango since Sept. 11. So, now, a plane co-owned by Alpha Tango’s president, who is incommunicado, has been forced down with a planeful of Chinese illegal aliens in the wake of a terror alert involving Chinese illegal aliens.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Update: A little more info about plane owners Afzal Hameed and Alyce Taylor comes from Martin at National Terror Alert. They have been married since 1980 according to Texas public records. FYI, marriage fraud/immigration scams are common among terrorist operatives.

Update II: If you can read Dutch, can you check this out and let us know what it says?

Also, if anyone is familiar with the San Antonio 99s, drop me a line. Reader Chris Powell notes:

Taylor has been a member for 16 years of a San Antonio aviation organization for women called the San Antonio 99s. So, she was involved with flying before she got married to Hameed, a convenient detail if he had married her as part of a scam. Some of the “99s” members took a trip to China in March/April of last year.

Update III: Here’s info about Hameed and Taylor’s Cessna registered with FAA. And you can find info about Hameed’s multiple airmen certificates here . (Type in “Hameed Afzal,” “self,” “6822 Laguna Verde,” “San Antonio, Tx.,” and “78239-3628”.) Hameed is certified to fly as an airline transport pilot and has commercial privileges. He is certified to fly as a private pilot with a Pakistani-issued pilot license. He is certified as a flight instructor, ground instructor, flight engineer for turboject powered aircraft, and as a mechanic. (Hat tip: FReeper Billorites and other FreeRepublic posters who have been digging up info since early this morning).

Update IV: Thanks to everyone who sent Dutch translations. I’m poking around a bit more on that angle and will post any relevant nuggets. On a different thread, many readers pointed out the age discrepancy between Hameed and Taylor (they were 23 and 45 respectively when they married in 1980). It will be very intriguing if reporters in Texas track Taylor down.

Update V: Feds deny a terror link between the passengers on Hameed’s plane and the Boston case. But let’s pray the FBI is keeping close tabs on Alpha Tango–and the rest of the Arab-run flight schools in Texas.

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