Here’s a surprisingly fair report from the N.Y. Times on the violence and harassment faced by campus military recruiters. Excerpt:

Since the beginning of 2003, there have also been more than a dozen other often violent incidents aimed at military recruiters or property throughout the country, according to the police, recruiters and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In a few cases, vehicles have been set on fire; in others, blood has been thrown through windows. Spokespeople for the armed services have downplayed the incidents even as some recruiters have increased security at their stations.

Among the incidents chronicled:

On Jan. 31, authorities said, recruiters at a station near the Flatiron section of Manhattan reported that a door had been cracked, and that anarchist symbols had been scrawled in red paint on the building.

That same day, before dawn, the police arrested a 19-year-old Manhattan College junior who they said threw a burning rag into an Army recruiting station that was closed for the night in the Parkchester section of the Bronx, and jammed the door locks with powerful glue. He was caught carrying a handwritten note declaring that a “wave of violence” would occur throughout the Northeast on Jan. 31, aimed at the “military industrial complex” in response to American military actions, the police said.

The article also makes brief reference to this cowardly attack in Toledo, where antiwar extremists threw a bucket of manure into the office and painted an obscenity on the wall.

Not much info on any successful prosecutions of the punks responsible for these nearly seditious attacks. So much for “opposing the war and supporting the troops,” huh?

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