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By thisistwitchy  •  February 27, 2005 12:26 PM

Last week, the NBC-TV sitcom “Committed” decided to use the Holy Eucharist as a cheap comedy prop. (Hat tip to one of my favorite bloggers: The Anchoress.) The Catholic League describes the show:

During the February 22 episode of the NBC-TV sitcom, “Committed,” two non-Catholics are mistakenly given Holy Communion at a Catholic funeral Mass. Nate, who is Jewish, and Bowie, a Protestant, don’t know what to do with the Eucharist, so they make several failed attempts to get rid of it. For example, they try slipping it into the pocket of a priest, dropping it on a tray of cheese and crackers, etc.

At one point, the priest, who is portrayed as not knowing the difference between the Host and a cracker, goes to grab the “cracker” from a tray of appetizers; he initially balks when he discovers that it is the last one. Then he changes his mind, saying, “Oh, what the hell.” By far the most offensive scene occurs when Nate and Bowie accidentally flush what they think is the Host down the toilet.

Catholic League president William Donohue has been deluged with complaints:

“It’s been quite a while since we’ve been deluged with as many complaints as this episode of ‘Committed’ fielded. To say that Catholics are angry about this show would be an understatement—the outrage is visceral and intense. The complaints have come from bishops, college chaplains, pastors and the laity, and they have come from all over the country. With good reason: NBC has made a direct frontal assault on Roman Catholicism, choosing to mock, trivialize and ridicule the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.

Donohue has called for NBC to cancel the show. Blogger Seeker of the Way writes:

So, what do we do? Of course the first step is to stop watching Committed, if they make it past this season, it will be a crying shame. But we must also give NBC a piece of our minds. It’s time to stand up, speak out, and say enough is enough. This is the most sacred element of our Catholic faith, and we will not stand idly by while you mock and defile it. Catholics have for a long time been the easy target in the media, the only group in society that can still be mocked and jeered at without being labeled politically incorrect for doing so. Enough is enough! You may write NBC at nbcshows@nbcuni.com

Blogger Jack Lewis writes:

Now, I’m not Catholic, and therefore don’t believe the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church in regards to the Eucharist, but I understand it enough to know that they believe the wafer (or host) once blessed by the priest actually becomes the flesh of Jesus Christ. While I don’t hold to that belief I can certainly understand their outrage at NBC displaying such an insensitive and callous treatment of such an important element of their faith. If we don’t respect others[‘] beliefs, then how can we expect them to respect ours[?]

Will NBC be as responsive to the complaints of Catholic viewers as FOX was to the Muslims who protested the hit drama 24?

And if not, why not? For one answer, check the title of Kathy Shaidle’s blog post on the matter at Relapsed Catholic.


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