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By thisistwitchy  •  March 31, 2005 06:53 PM

Sandy “Honestly, I had no idea how those papers got into my socks, jacket pocket, and portfolio” Berger will plead guilty to misdemeanor theft of classified documents.

My, what serendipitous timing. Just saying.


Sandy Berg(l)er?
Berger and a side order of lies
Ace of Spades spoof: Mystical Artifacts Removed From Top-Secret Government Warehouse

Update: An unhinged reader says Berger didn’t put the pilfered documents in his socks.

Sandy Berger did not put papers in his socks. He put them in his
pockets. Have you ever inadvertently put things in your pocket before?
You are a liar.
Rot in hell.
Terrence T. McDonald

Oooo-kay. I stand corrected. Not his socks. Just his pants. Knowingly. And his jacket pocket. Knowingly. And his portfolio. “Inadvertently.”

And to answer Mr. Unhinged’s question: I have never stuffed classified documents illegally into any of my pockets or bags “inadvertently” or otherwise and made them disappear.

Those little wrapped soap bars from a hotel room? Yes, guilty. Top-secret memos. Ummmm, no.

Update II: Jason Smith at Generation Why reminds us that Bill Clinton laughed when the news of Berger’s sticky fingers first broke.

Flashback II: A perfect response to Mr. Unhinged Reader from Gerard Van der Leun…Yes, Down My Pants. Oh, Like You Haven’t?

Update III: Confederate Yankee has fun with Photoshop…Robble-robble.

Always cutting-edge Chris Muir at Day By Day Cartoon weighs in…



I’m with Captain Ed , who is not happy with the message that Berger’s plea deal with the Justice Department sends. Also make sure to check out Ed’s specially-reader-designedSandy Berger socks. Those would make great Beltway Christmas gifts.

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