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By thisistwitchy  •  April 1, 2005 11:24 AM

Sorry, I am not in the mood for April Fools.

Drudge linked last night to a story and video of Pat Buchanan getting attacked by a deranged college student while giving a speech. The assailant doused Buchanan’s face completely with salad dressing. He screamed, “Stop the bigotry!”before charging within inches of Buchanan and nearly hitting him in the head with the bottle as well.

If you think this is funny, you are sick. This is madness and it is chilling. Where are all the free-speech defenders when you need them? Too busy defending loons like you-know-who and trying to suppress the free-speech rights of law-abiding citizens.

These physical attacks targeting conservatives on campus and in the public square are getting more frequent. (See Kristol, Coulter, Perle, Harris, and the conservative kid who got kicked by a left-wing nut professor, for starters.) The Left continues to snicker about it. The MSM makes light of it (CBS: “A Dressing-Down For Pat Buchanan“; NPR: “What’s a little pie in the face?“). And for the most part, college administrators let the thugs get away with it.

These unhinged moonbats have more thoroughly exposed the great myth of liberal tolerance than any conservative critic could. For that, I suppose we should be grateful.

It is time, however, for the Left to get a grip. Get back on your meds. In the end, you are only harming yourselves.

Others blogging…

TalkLeft’s readers are split.

Say Anything: “[W]hen we have the chairman of the Democrat National Committee telling his followers that Republicans are evil and that he hates them and “everything they stand for” maybe we shouldn’t be all that surprised when we see this sort of thing.” Exactly.

Captain Ed: “The American Left, having apparently run out of rhetorical gas and losing every argument it makes on foreign and domestic policy, now has opted for food fights to stop debates.”

Peaktalk’s Pieter Dorsman sends an excellent flashback to his post on The Gravity of Pies, which reminds us that before Pim Fortuyn, the outspoken Dutch critic of uncontrolled immigration, was assassinated, he was pied.

Thomas Lifson at The American Thinker urges Buchanan to press charges. I agree.

Bainbridge sez, “It’s only a matter of time until they start using guns.”

Robert at Bright Mystery on the Kristol attack at Earlham College: “This kind of behavior simply cannot be tolerated in, and cannot coexist with, a quality liberal arts college — particularly a Quaker college in which “peace studies” is supposed to be a featured program.”

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