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By thisistwitchy  •  April 4, 2005 05:11 PM

Lost in the news last week was a bizarre incident involving Hasan Akbar, the Muslim soldier charged with a fatal fragging incident two years ago that killed two and injured 14 troops. Here’s what happened:

(FORT BRAGG) – Wednesday morning’s scheduled hearing for an Army sergeant accused in a fatal grenade attack in Kuwait was postponed because he apparently tried to overpower an MP.

A statement from Fort Bragg said the MP’s regained control after the incident involving Sergeant Hasan Akbar. A post spokeswoman said Akbar and one of the MP’s was injured, but there’s no word on the extent of those injuries.

The Army has refused to release additional information about the incident, saying it is under investigation. Things got even messier over the weekend, when a doctor who was supposed to serve as a witness in the case went missing:

Army officials were searching for him, and they said they would postpone the hearing again if he were not located within a few hours.

Akbar has already confessed several times to waging the attack on our troops. His lawyers will make an insanity defense during his court-martial. No word on whether he will face new charges in the attack on the MP.

All very troubling. And in case you’ve forgotten, here are memorials to the two soldiers (Air Force Major Greg Stone and Army Captain Christopher Seifert) killed in Akbar’s attack–immediately after which he reportedly ranted: “”You guys are coming into our countries, and you’re going to rape our women and kill our children.”

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