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By thisistwitchy  •  April 12, 2005 07:15 AM

Yesterday, Drudge linked to a nasty anti-Tom Delay t-shirt being hawked at Cafe Press. The shirt urged the GOP congressman to commit suicide. Sold by artist Christopher Godwin, the product has now been removed (though you can still see it on Cafe Press’s search engine complete with the caption “We can dream, can’t we?”).

Not to worry. There are plenty of other hate-filled, liberal knick-knacks and apparel items still on sale.

Like this “Kill Bush” magnet depicting the president holding a gun to his head with the caption “End Terrorism Now:”

Or this bright yellow “Kill Bush” t-shirt splattered with blood:


Or this handy “Kill Bush” messenger bag with a macho pic of John Kerry:


And before the “everybody does it” apologists pooh-pooh this lunatic anti-Bush merchandise: There’s tasteless political paraphernalia on both sides of the aisle, but I’ve already searched and there are currently no “Kill Kerry” products, blood-spattered or otherwise, being sold at Cafe Press.

“Oh, but it’s all in good fun,” the libs will shrug. Yeah, just like the Guardian‘s call last fall for someone to kill Bush. Just like the wave of campus attacks on conservatives. Just like the vicious anti-troops, anti-Bush slogans: “We Support Our Troops, When They Shoot their Officers” and “Bush is the disease. Death is the cure.”

“Where’s your sense of humor?” the libs will ask.

Where’s their decency? Their sanity?

Welcome to the sick world of the pro-assassination Left.

Update: Yes, thanks for all the e-mails on the assassination exhibit at Columbia College of Art in Chicago. Power Line and Jeff Quinton have more.

Update: 4/14. CafePress has yanked the “Kill Bush” products.

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