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By thisistwitchy  •  April 18, 2005 12:25 PM

As noted over the weekend, Ann Coulter is on the cover of the most recent issue of Time magazine. Fans noticed the cover photo’s strange distortions immediately. Drudge follows up here with reax from Coulter and also mention that the photog–“Platon“–snapped the notorious Esquire magazine cover photo of Bill Clinton, shot at Monica Lewinsky-level.

“Why can’t they just photograph conservatives straight?” asks Coulter. Unfortunately, filtering prominent conservatives through a distorted lens seems to be a bad habit at Time magazine, which airbrushed cigar smoke onto the cover photo of Rush Limbaugh in January 1995:


(Rush proposes a fair-and-balanced Time cover here. Hah!)

Meanwhile, Time has yet to remove this photo from its photo gallery accompanying the Coulter cover story–or at least correct the caption:


Photo editors captioned the photo “Demon and Idol; Protesters blast Coulter at the G.O.P. Convention in New York City last year.” The photo shows satirical posters designed by Communists for Kerry and Protest Warrior–all big supporters of Ann. (You would think the “Criminals for Gun Control” poster would have been the dead giveaway.)


Update: Reader Virginia notes…

“Is (insert conservative here) good for America?” Time put this question about Rush on the cover when it featured him. It
asked the same question of Ann Coulter in an online poll when it put her on the cover of the current issue.

Do you know if Time posed the question to anyone who was not a conservative who was on the cover?

John Kerry – is he good for America?
George Soros – is he good for America?

Hmm, doesn’t sound familiar…..

I’ll have to look around and see if there was ever a “Pope John Paul II – is
he good for America?”

Update II: Turnabout is fair play.

Update III
: Well, well, well. Time corrects the photo caption error. (Hat tip: Beth at My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy)

Update IV: Plains Feeder un-distorts.

Update V: Llama Butchers points to one unflattering Time cover photo of Hillary. Yeah, but Time has seven other cover photos of her that put her in an almost regal light. Example:


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