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By Michelle Malkin  •  May 12, 2005 03:43 PM

Hearing’s over. Grass-roots Republicans are itching to give Sen. Voinovich a piece of their minds. But according to many readers, he has taken his phone off the hook. I’m getting a constant busy signal.

Meantime, Beltway Buzz is printing letters from readers who need a place to vent. Here’s a sample:

From John B:

“Voinovich said Bolton ‘would be fired’ if he worked in the private sector. How on earth would Voinovich know that? He hasn’t had a non-government job since he entered the state legislature at age 31, in 1967, almost 40 years ago.”

From reader Michael P:

“As a long time supporter and constituent (even to his days of resurrecting Cleveland from the mess created by Dennis Kucinich), I had even faxed him a letter to that effect yesterday. To say that I am disappointed is an obvious and monumental understatement… More importantly, I believe that this is a sign of the unrealistic and ‘weak on principal’ behavior that all too many Republican Senators seem to be afflicted with.”

I’m hearing much the same.

Ohio reader Robert W. Smith e-mails me:

Is there anyway we can trade for one of the California Senators. At least they stand up for something and don’t look like mice doing it!

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