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By Michelle Malkin  •  May 28, 2005 06:30 AM


– Yet another liberal talk radio show… this time it’s Al Sharpton. Brian Maloney provides background and explains why it will fail.

– More dismal ratings for Air America in Boston and San Francisco (scroll to end of post).

– PoliPundit wonders if John Kerry really signed his SF-180 form. Tempus Fugit says the signing of the form does not necessarily mean the public will get access to Kerry’s military records.

– All Things Conservative highlights A Fatwa We Can Live With

– Mrs. Spoons shows Mr. Spoons the love of a good woman (must read).

Violent OBL protesters in Orange County.

Shake-ups on the left side of the ‘sphere.

– A U.S. Senate seat is in play in Maryland.

– Patterico explains a Michael Kinsley joke to NewsMax.

– Lonewacko derides Seattle’s “heat wave”

Junkyard cats.

Signs of a housing bubble: more than a third of new mortgages in the Washington DC area are interest-only loans. Prices in upper Montgomery County, Md., have doubled in the past five years.

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