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By Michelle Malkin  •  June 1, 2005 05:53 PM

So, how does CNN propose to change its image as America’s al Jazeera? By hiring more non-white liberal journalists! But of course! From TVNewser:

“Today we are committing $1 million, which will be divided equally amongst the National Association of Black Journalists, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the Asian American Journalists Association, to fund scholarships for future journalists. We’re very excited about this pledge,” CNN News Group president Jim Walton announced at the World Report Conference this morning.

Walton said CNN feels that “we need to have people with diverse thought challenging us, in the planning of what stories to cover, who to interview, what questions to ask, and we feel this is a start, to continue to grow our fine profession.”

Yeah? If the network is really interested in “diverse thought,” then why are they showering money on three of journalism’s most left-wing advocacy groups? Wanna hire outspoken writers who can challenge you, help with story planning, and provide questions to ask? Try these:

The Conservative Brotherhood
The Galvin Opinion
Babalu Blog
The Inkwell

Plenty more intellectual diversity represented in that handful of blogs than you’ll find in all three minority journalists’ organizations combined.


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