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By Michelle Malkin  •  June 26, 2005 12:28 PM

I promised my daughter this Care Bear cake for her birthday party later today, so I will be mixing a truckload of buttercream icing this afternoon and attempting cake decorating for the first time. Will post a photo if it doesn’t turn out to be a total disaster. (Update: Voila!)

Meantime, some good Sunday afternoon food for thought:

— Walter Olson has an interesting op-ed piece and related blog post on a tribal land grab in N.Y.

Buffoon of the week: Ankle Biting Pundits give the award to professional victim Fatina Abdrabboh.

— Milblogger Chester notes the similarity between Dennis Kucinich and Iraqi insurgents.

Brian Maloney on conservative-bashing by a new ABC reality show.

— Mike Fumento: In Man versus Microbe, Germs Will Lose

More TSA follies.

— Take back your castle: Bloggers contemplate a civil disobedience campaign; the Castle Coalition unites; a Chicago angle; a Houston angle.

Jeff Harrell has more on the meddling phony, Morgan Spurlock.

— Catch up with the ladies of The Cotillion.

Joe Gandelman rounds-up TomKat blogging.

— Cool bloggy things: bookmark N.Z. Bear’s remodeled The Truth Laid Bear site if you haven’t already; check out the AO/Technorati Open Media 100 list; the new version of BlogsNow is looking good.

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