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By Michelle Malkin  •  July 7, 2005 12:06 PM

From the Democratic Underground:

Its (sic) a war. My country’s army is killing civilians; am I a “fair target?”

the root causes of terrorism are what needs to be addressed in order to get a handle on changing these circumstances. There are myriads (literally) of terrorists who have reasons for what they are doing and planning on doing? This is not insanity. Nor is it helpful to attach the term “evil” to these events. Shock and awe is perhaps the best description of what happened in London this morning, but that strikes a little to close to home doesn’t it? What do you think are the various reasons for their actions and how can we address them?

From Daily Kos:

Bush and Blair – Blood Buddies

Well…Can’t blow up ‘Murkins

‘Murka would realize it’s NOT safer…
Where are there people who LOOK like ‘Murkins?
And how are we going to keep Karl Rove’s indictment off the front page?
And, do you think we can tie this to Iran or possibly Syria?
This gang of criminals was at least complicit in allowing this to happen.
My condolences to the people of Britain, this madman of ours is f**king up the entire world.

I wish people would get some perspective

Okay, I know this is a lefty political blog, and I’m 99% in tune with that. But it just looks unseemly and petty to jump on a hideous terrorist incident like this and start posting about how Bush will spin it and how it reflects on Bush’s or Blair’s political fortunes. Over 40 innocent citizens are dead, people! Have some respect! Who gives a flying f**k about the political repercussions?

Do you believe that Karl Rove isn’t plotting how to spin the London attacks at this very moment?

From Katie Couric, as reported by John Podhoretz:

Katic Couric who knows nothing about anything, including how to dress, just suggested to John McCain that Tony Blair might suffer politically because of the attacks. McCain replied calmly, as if speaking to a child, that he expected Blair’s popularity to grow as a result, which is, indeed, what always happens in the aftermath of a terrorist attack. (It was Jose Maria Aznar’s weird refusal to acknowledge for 24 hours that the Madrid 3/11 attack was Al Qaeda and not a Basque assault that helped do him in.) Katie Couric makes $16 million a year. Maybe she should spend some of it getting a clue.


Debbie Schlussel deconstructs the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee’s condemnation of the London attacks.

Mark Coffey spots more tolerance-and-understanding pining. John Hawkins at Right Wing News has more here and here.

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