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By Michelle Malkin  •  July 26, 2005 05:47 PM

Quick hits:

- Forbes.com has a cool Best of the Web directory up, including a blog section. Take a look.

- Belated congrats to Captain Ed on hitting the 10 million mark!

- Sondra K has some exclusive pictures of Abu Ghraib.

- Did you visit the ladies of The Cotillion yet today? What are you waiting for?

- Hugh Hewitt’s redesign looks sharp.

- Indefatigable Scott Burgess keeps you up to date on the latest Sassygate developments.

- Fausta at The Bad Hair Blog looks at the London bombings and the al Qaeda-Brazilian connection.

- Andy sends a translation of Oriana Fallaci’s essay on the London bombings.

- Paul at Power Line examines Turley v. Durbin.

- Lotsa lotsa good stuff at The Media Blog. Keep scrolling.

- Will Franklin presents: The Carnival of Classiness

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