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By Michelle Malkin  •  August 17, 2005 08:07 AM


The subject of my latest column: Where in the world is Evan Montvel-Cohen? The former chairman of Air America Radio and disgraced development director of the Bronx-based Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club has been unavailable to the MSM. New York investigators will not comment on whether they have been able to interview him. And current Air America management and on-air talent seem not to care–even as they attempt to pin the blame on their latest financial woes on the man Al Franken is calling a “crook.” An excerpt:

Curiously, Air America has shown little interest in urging law enforcement officials to track down Cohen and hold him accountable for “robbing”–Al’s word, not mine–an inner-city charity in the network’s name. Why is that? Franken says the subject of massive theft from one of the largest non-profit charities for underprivileged residents in New York City is “boring.”

Yes. “Boring.”

Even O.J. Simpson still fakes occasional interest in finding his wife’s killer between his rounds of golf. Franken and Air America management, by contrast, seem unusually eager to sweep the entire financial scandal under the rug. Meanwhile, the Boys & Girls Club hasn’t seen a dime of the bilked money repaid. Hearts aren’t the only things that seem to be bleeding at Air America.

That is why I am volunteering to help Al Franken find the swindler and warn others about him. Free of charge. And I’m calling on my always curious, never bored, readers to fill the vacuum of outrage and join me in assisting The Search For Air America’s Swindler.

I provide a few clues for Franken and company in the column, including the message from a Hawaii non-profit executive who warns that Cohen is trying to get a job as a director of development for a charity like the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club. My conclusion:

Al Franken, who specializes in blowing the whistle on “lies and the lying liars who tell them,” could provide a helpful public service by passing this warning on to his vast audience of caring liberals. Cohen is out there somewhere. Both he and current Air America executives know a lot more about the liberal radio money pit than the public has been told and not just related to the victims at the Gloria Wise Boys & Girls Club.

But don’t worry, Al. We’re on the trail.

You can wake up now.


Brian Maloney at The Radio Equalizer keeps a close eye on Randi Rhodes and Jerry Springer.

Brent Bozell has questions for the MSM.

Stay tuned to The Radio Equalizer and this space.

We will be bringing you much more.

In the meantime, help Al by sending your advice and tips to Air America here.

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