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By mmguestblogger  •  August 20, 2005 08:49 PM

Powerline points to this feature at Forbes.com with reviews of several of the biggest political blogs on both the left and the right. Forbes seems inclined to be nice to everyone.

Here is what they say about Michelle Malkin’s blog.

The site for columnist and author Michelle Malkin–known most for her book defending the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II–dishes conservative politics with panache. Recent entertaining entries include “Land of the Meek” about a New York City public school program to combat bullying through sensitivity training has Malkin observe, “The metrosexualization of America marches on. Who needs enemies..” There are often cute posts about her getting her daughter in on the righty antics–for example, sending a letter to Ohio Senator John Voinovich, seeking to cheer him up after he fought back tears during debate about John Bolton’s nomination as ambassador to the United Nations.

BEST: Also maintains an “immigration blog” devoted to border security.

WORST: Eliminated reader comments section. Perhaps she’s too sensitive to online vitriol.

The description seems quite fair to me except for criticizing her for shutting off comments. Michelle has received some of the ugliest, most racist and sexist e-mails and comments that I’ve ever seen. Why should she have to spend time policing a comments section for the trash that some people think it entertaining to spew at her just because they can’t stand the idea of having a woman expressing conservative ideas.

I don’t know when Forbes put this feature up but if they were doing it this week they would certainly need to take note of the terrific work that Michelle and Brian Maloney of Radio Equalizer have been doing on the Air America corruption story.

UPDATE: Kokonut Pundits wonders why Forbes didn’t turn on comments on their own article if they were so critical of Michelle for turning hers off. Unfortunately, since we’ve had to turn the trackbacks feature off today, the rest of his post on the value of trackbacks doesn’t hold for today. But it usually does on Michelle’s site, so just ignore this little anomaly.

UPDATE II: A reader points out that if Forbes had had a comments box, someone would have pointed out that it is George Voinovich and not John and they could have corrected it much more quickly rather than waiting for a note to the editor to trickle down to the author of the piece.

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