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By mmguestblogger  •  August 20, 2005 03:24 PM

Here are some blog entries that are worth checking out.

Gateway Pundit on Hunter Thompson’s remains achieving liftoff.

Richard Baehr has a good, long look at Paul Krugman’s claim that two media consortiums found that Gore should have won the 2000 election. As most of you remember, those media recounts (which took about six months and would never have been finished in just the few days available in December, 2000) found that Bush would have won the election by any method of recounting except if they only counted the overcounts. Mickey Kaus thinks that lets Krugman off the hook, but there is no hint in his column that he was referring to such a specific claim and ignoring all the findings that, if Florida had followed the standards Gore and his legal team were pushing for that Bush would have won anyway. Read Baehr’s refutation.

UPDATE: Richard Baehr has put up an addendum in which he addresses Mickey Kaus’s objections to criticisms of Paul Krugman’s column.

Decision ‘O8 is not impressed with Mickey Kaus’s argument.

Trivia Blogging at Volokh: See how many of these questions you can answer. No fair reading the Comments section first (like I did.)

Lashawn Barber with some advice to women planning to sleep with superstar philanderers. Perhaps they’d just do better to take out on ad on Philanderers.com. Seriously there is a dating service for people intending to have an extramarital affair.

Austin Bay posts an e-mail from an Iraqi with his thoughts on the Iraqi constitution.

Tom Elia ponders how the Clinton approach to catching Osama Bin Laden resembles a Monty Pyton sketch.

Jason Smith at Generation Why wonders when he is going to start seeing the benefits from the “war for oil” that we were supposedly fighting in the Middle East.

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