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By Michelle Malkin  •  September 15, 2005 01:34 PM

New York Times columinst Paul Krugman corrected the strange correction to his August 22 column. NRO’s Donald Luskin notes that the latest correction “was never published in the print edition of the Times.” He also points out that “archival versions of the three prior Krugman columns bearing his falsehoods about the consortium’s results remain uncorrected to this day on the Times’s own website and in the Lexis-Nexis and ProQuest databases.” (Hat tip: Power Line.)

New York Times public editor Byron Calame has further thoughts.

Update: Luskin writes:

In your post about the Krugman Korrection, you link to Calame saying he has “further thoughts.” These are, in fact, prior thoughts, written on the same day as Krugman’s web-only correction. He completely ducks the issue of why the correction has not percolated throughout the archive system, and never saw print.

More here.

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