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By Michelle Malkin  •  September 20, 2005 08:54 AM

Tuesday quick links:

Dan Rather has a crocodile tear-shedding, lip-quivering meltdown. Dry-eyed comments from Penraker, the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, Roger L. Simon, and Steve J.

-Robert Spencer on The Hijab That Wasn’t.

FEC sues the Club for Growth. FEC statement here. Club for Growth response here. RedState, BizzyBlog, and Jack Lewis sound the alarm.

-More ungrateful critics of the Red Cross say it’s too white.

– David Lombino at The New York Sun has a story on former Air America exec David Goodfriend, who’s gone public over the Gloria Wise loan scandal. My investigative blog partner Brian Maloney takes a look. We’ve got more coming. Stay tuned.

-For bloggers who have been following the aftermath of the Kelo decision, don’t miss the webcast of today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing at 10am EDT:
“The Kelo Decision: Investigating Takings of Homes and other Private Property.”

-And here’s your latest FEMA waste story: Truckloads of ice to be stored in Portland. Excerpt:

Rick Benn, who had been shepherding his load of ice from Indianapolis for two weeks, said he’s worked disaster relief before but this was the worst. He couldn’t understand why he trucked a load of ice all the way to the Deep South, waited for a week in Alabama, then hauled it to Northern New England.

“It’s the government. What do you expect?” he said.

Still, he’s being paid $800 a day. He would normally spend almost half that money on fuel but when he’s waiting instead of hauling, his operating expenses are minimal.

Reeves, who is from New York, said he’s gone from feeling upbeat about his disaster work, to feeling guilty.

“I thought I was doing some real good,” he said.

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