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By Michelle Malkin  •  September 27, 2005 09:58 AM

Some sufferers of Bush Derangement Syndrome have grown tired of Fourth Reich analogies. They’ve Moved On to embracing NY Rep. Charlie Rangel’s comparison of President Bush to Bull Connor. (Audio at The Political Teen in case you missed it last week.)

Fellow Democrats have done nothing to distance themselves from Rangel’s insane remarks. In today’s New York Sun, Meghan Clyne reports just the opposite:

Responding to statements made last week by Rep. Charles Rangel, the Republican National Committee urged Democratic leaders yesterday to denounce the New York congressman’s comparison of President Bush to the late Theophilus “Bull” Connor, the Birmingham, Ala., police commissioner who came to symbolize Southern racism in the 1960s.

The Republican request for repudiation, however, met with expressions of support for Mr. Rangel’s statement, particularly from black Democratic leaders in New York. The Reverend Al Sharpton came out in support of Mr. Rangel’s analysis, and another member of the city’s congressional delegation, Major Owens, a Democrat of Brooklyn, denounced Mr. Bush as “even more diabolical” than Connor…

…A Democrat who represents Brooklyn on New York’s City Council, Charles Barron, concurred with that sentiment. “I think that’s an insult to Connor,” he said of Mr. Rangel’s statement. “George Bush is worse, because he has more power and he’s more destructive to our people than Bull Connor will ever be.”

Sadly, so-called civil rights leaders abandoned the high road for cheap demagoguery years ago. Project 21, whose representatives are the true moral heirs of the civil rights movement, respond to Rangel’s antics here. It would be nice to see Bill Cosby inject some sense into this circus, but you can’t blame him for staying away from the unhinged fray.

Meanwhile, in a separate editorial, the Sun notes Hillary Clinton’s silence:

The reticence of Senator Clinton, who was present during Mr. Rangel’s speech last week, seems positively refreshing by comparison. She has shocked at least some New Yorkers by refusing to disavow Mr. Rangel’s remarks about Mr. Bush, whom her husband is now representing in connection with hurricane relief, but at least she isn’t repeating them. That seems to count as progress these days.

Ah, the courage of “moderate” Democrats.


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