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By Michelle Malkin  •  October 6, 2005 11:11 AM

***update: live Norman, OK police department press conference scheduled for 3pm EDT/2pm CDT…will be carried on channeloklahoma.com…scroll for more updates/reax…***

Blogs continue to cover the Oklahoma suicide bomber story being ignored by the national MSM. Here’s the latest:

Zombietime highlights an aerial photo of the crime scene and has an excellent round-up of links.

Mark Tapscott is reporting more new details:

Hinrichs was Known to Law Enforcement Before Oklahoma Football Stadium Suicide Bombing
Statement from Last Person to See Hinrichs Alive

Mark’s exclusive report from last night on the contents of Hinirichs’ car was echoed by local Oklahoma TV station, News 9.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit notes that local TV station 9 News OK that Joel Hinrichs had tried to enter the OU game last Saturday night before blowing himself up on a bench outside the stadium.

Hoft points to the The Enid News and Eagle, which has pointed questions for OU president David Boren:

It’s clear the FBI, which is in charge of the investigation, is trying to be tight-lipped because they don’t have all the answers. They can state they have no direct evidence “at this time” to support any reports Hinrichs was involved with terrorist organizations or he intended to do harm to the fans in the stadium.

They probably are doing the right thing by limiting their comments until they have confirmed answers to all their questions. But, the information that is being ferreted out by the media is starting to paint a disturbing picture. Why would Hinrichs try to buy large quantities of a known explosive material? What was his motive for committing the suicide in such a public and dramatic way? What kinds of associations has he been involved with recently and what were his political views?

We applaud Boren for the attention he has given the matter and his daily briefings regarding the status of the investigation. Yet, we also believe there are more layers to this story than are being publicly disclosed at this time.

Rusty Shackleford
is also keeping tabs on the story.

More blog coverage…

The Politburo Diktat
Classical Values here and here
Bill Hobbs
Explicity Ambiguous
Michael Wright at Bella Ciao covers the Boren angle
Protein Wisdom
Daveed Gartenstein-Ross at The Counterterrorism Blog:

Perhaps Hinrichs’s attendance of the mosque that Moussaoui attended and his attempt to purchase ammonium nitrate have reasonable explanations unrelated to terrorism. (Or perhaps the sources are wrong about this information; one hesitation I have about drawing conclusions in this case is that many of the reported facts are based on fairly sketchy sourcing.) However, there’s enough to this story that it deserves more attention. It would be significant if Hinrichs had been motivated by radical Islam.

Karol Sheinin at Alarming News compares MSM vs. blog coverage.

Press conference synopsis at Channel Oklahoma.com: Norman PD confirms that it had investigated Hinrichs prior to the bomb explosion that killed him Saturday.

Local news sources:

Channel Oklahoma.com
News 9 (Newsok.com)


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