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By Michelle Malkin  •  October 17, 2005 05:05 AM



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It was ugly in Toledo, Ohio, this weekend–and if you watched any of the cable news coverage or glanced at the national MSM headlines, as I did, you probably are still wondering what really went down. Lesson: Don’t believe ABC News and AP.

The Toledo Blade has comprehensive local coverage here and here. And here’s a timeline. An excerpt of Blade reporting:

It started with neo-Nazis, mushroomed into a riot, and left behind a community shaken and wounded.

With violence not seen in Toledo since the race riots of the 1960s, crowds sometimes numbering more than 500 yesterday threw rocks, bottles, and bricks at law enforcement officials. Police responded with clouds of tear gas and wooden “knee-knocker” pellets.

At its ugliest, looters struck at least four businesses, including Jim and Lou’s bar at 3032 Mulberry St., which they set on fire. There were assaults on bystanders and vandalism with damages in the tens of thousands of dollars, including attacks on emergency and media vehicles. Police said overtime costs could easily exceed $100,000.

Police arrested at least 60 people — 43 adults and 17 juveniles — primarily for aggravated rioting, assault, and vandalism. Some were gang members, police and Mayor Jack Ford said. [Ed. note: None were “white supremacists.”]

One police officer was treated for a head injury after she was hit in the head with a stone. A firefighter paramedic was also treated. Numerous other officers sustained minor injuries when struck by objects. There were no official reports of injuries to citizens, but some people were overcome by tear gas and at least two Blade photographers were assaulted…

…Police Chief Mike Navarre didn’t mince words last night about what happened in his city.

“You have cars burning and stores being looted and disregard for law enforcement where they can’t do their job without taking rocks and bottles,” he said. “Officers are going to the hospital because they’re getting their heads hit with a rock. I’d call that a riot.”

The Political Teen has video.

Jason Smith has some advice for the city’s rampaging gangsters.

Leshaun Fossett
has his own blunt comments about the “severe brainrot” in Toledo.

Pat yourselves on the back, Toledo rioters/looters/gangsters. You probably stoked more racism than the idiotic white supremacists could have ever dreamed of spreading–and you made their inconsequential demonstration of hatred a smashing success. Literally.


Jim & Lou’s bar, a family-owned business, was burned down by the morons.

Photo: AP

Read more on this very sad–and blood-boiling–crime here. Eighty-six-year-old owner Lou Ratajski, pictured above, has lost everything. He says he won’t rebuild. If anyone is in or near Toledo and knows of a way to help Ratajski, please send an e-mail or trackback.

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