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By Michelle Malkin  •  October 26, 2005 10:00 PM

***updated…Wash Times reports Leonard Leo quitting pro-Miers lobbying effort***

SCOTUS nominee Harriet Miers was supposed to turn in more detailed questionnaire responses to the Senate Judiciary Committee today. Kathryn Lopez reports that as of 8pm EDT tonight, Miers had failed to turn in her answers.


Meanwhile, there have been some significant shifts to the oppose column in the blogosphere today. See Paul Mirengoff at Power Line for details.

The Truth Laid Bear has the latest tally of where bloggers stand on the Miers nomination here:

Oppose – 257
Support – 52
Neutral – 58

More from Patterico on the Miers speech that is causing an uproar.

Update: Another very significant move off the fence–Ed Morrissey has now moved to the conservative opposition camp as well.

And Investor’s Business Daily reports:

Mum’s the word on Harriet Miers among Beltway Republicans who know what’s good for them. But privately, they’re betting two to one that Miers will bow out to spare herself — and President Bush — further embarrassment.

Those are the odds in at least one betting pool of lawyers, lobbyists, and “Hill rats.”

“I expect she’s going to be gone next week this time, certainly not later than Friday next week,” said a GOP consultant who asked not to be named.

Senate Republicans have dismissed such talk as “absurd.” But the signs aren’t looking any better for Miers the closer she gets to her Nov. 7 hearings.

Anti-Miers movement:

Americans for Better Justice


10/27 Wash Times reporting:

The nation’s largest conservative women’s group yesterday called for the withdrawal of the Harriet Miers Supreme Court nomination as The Washington Times learned that a key promoter of the nomination had suddenly quit the White House lobbying effort.

Leonard A. Leo, who had been on leave from the Federalist Society to be chief conduit between the White House and conservatives, said last night that he has returned to his full-time job as executive vice president of the conservative legal group.

The move, which surprised even Republicans working closely with Mr. Leo, came as the Concerned Women for America called for the nomination to be withdrawn in part because of reports of a 1993 speech in which Miss Miers appeared to agree with some of the grounds for the legal right to abortion.

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