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By Michelle Malkin  •  October 30, 2005 08:16 PM

Fox News reporting tonight that the White House will announce its SCOTUS pick tomorrow.

Washington Post
, A1 for Monday:

President Bush appears poised to announce a new Supreme Court nomination today, moving quickly after a weekend of consultations to put forward a replacement for the ill-fated choice of Harriet Miers in hopes of recapturing political momentum, according to Republicans close to the White House.

Judging by the names the White House floated by its political allies in recent days, Bush seems ready to pick a candidate with a long track record of conservative jurisprudence who would mollify the Republican base that scuttled the Miers nomination. Several GOP strategists said the most likely choice seemed to be federal appeals Judge Samuel A. Alito Jr., with fellow Judges J. Michael Luttig and Alice M. Batchelder also seen in the running.

Real Clear Politics has a round-up of SCOTUS vacancy news (see right sidebar).

SCOTUS Blog looks at front-runners.

Reuters/WaPo on Alito and Luttig.

The Prowler
hears it will be Judge Samuel Alito. So does Erick at Confirm Them.

Todd Zywicki hears Luttig, and and also points to Ideoblog’s analysis of Alito’s business and commercial law jurisprudence.

Patterico takes a closer look at Alito’s dissent in Casey.

Hugh Hewitt supports Luttig and underscores his War on Terror rulings. More background here.

Stay tuned…

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