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By Michelle Malkin  •  October 31, 2005 04:10 PM

Take it here if you haven’t yet.

It’s looking very good for the nominee.


Ankle Biting Pundits reports on the blogger conference call on Alito with Ken Mehlman:

I asked Mehlman what if anything that the RNC was doing to ensure that the GOP members of the “Gang of 14” would pull the trigger on the Constitutional Option if the Dems said “extraordinary circumstances” existed, and what consequences would befall those GOP member who voted with the Democrats and didn’t go with the Constitutional option. Mehlman said that the RNC is trying to get word about who Alito is and why is he the right choice for the Court. Getting it out in the key states and through both old and new media. The closest he came to answering was saying that he really hopes those Senator will “do what they should do” to ensure an up or down vote.

Others on the call:

Erick from Red State.
Tim Chapman from TownHall.com, which says Confirm Alito.
John Hawkins from Right Wing News.
Matt Margolis at Blogs for Bush.

Here’s a GOP.com petition supporting Alito.

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