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By Michelle Malkin  •  November 9, 2005 08:52 AM

My latest column follows up on the lies of Jimmy Massey and his media enablers.

Doug Struck, the Washington Post reporter who covered Massey’s bogus testimony at Army deserter Jeremy Hinzman’s Canadian asylum hearing last year, has not responded to my e-mail inquiring about any follow-up.

USA Today reporter Rick Hampson, who wrote this March 2005 feature, did respond. Here’s his e-mail:

I personally have no plans for a follow up. Our story was not so much about the veracity of Massey’s claims — few if any of those mentioned in the Post-Dispatch piece were in our story — as the reaction in a small, patriotic town to its former Marine recruiter coming back as a war protester. (We also went into Massey’s psychological history.) Certainly, he had a lot of critics/opponents/skeptics in town even back then. So I don’t expect we’ll revisit the subject.

David Holwerk, editorial page editor of the Sacramento Bee, which published this interview with Massey last year by a freelance anti-war writer, told me he didn’t know when or if the paper would respond to the Massey debunking.

All in all, the MSM’s reaction has been a collective shrug. Not that anyone who remembers Giuliana Sgrena, Eason Jordan, Linda Foley, Newsweek’s Korangate, etc., will be surprised.


Jim Hoft is on Jimmy Massey’s trail and notes that Massey is now attacking Harris.

Laer Pearce is still after AP:

Yesterday, I emailed Kathleen Carroll (kathleen.carroll@ap.org), AP’s exec ed, and Jack Stokes (info@ap.org), its info officer, asking for an explanation. Neither has responded.

Christopher Fotos is watching the Washington Post.


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