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By mmguestblogger  •  November 17, 2005 09:41 PM

The response to the Just Google It graphics has been amazing. Many blogs have taken the graphics and posted them on their sites. I actually don’t have a straightforward way of keeping track of just how many there are, but I’m sure the number is over 100 now. I’ve been looking for them via trackbacks here and at the JYB as well as Technorati, but those methods are bound to leave someone out.

I’d like to put up a post that links to every blog that has used the Just Google It graphics. I guess the best way to find all of you is let you find me. If you want to be linked from Michelle’s blog (since I get to guest blog here for one more day–thank you, Michelle!), please drop me a link at didbushlie–at–gmail–dot–com. I may put up a page about all of this at the JYB. If I do, you’ll all get a link there too. If anybody wants to help out in designing that page, email me at that address.

And if anybody is working on a cartoon of Boogie to Baghdad, let me know that too at the same address or my normal one, jybmail–at–gmail–dot–com.



(animated graphic thanks to Darth Dilbert)

PS: In case anyone’s wondering (especially Michelle, who has been so gracious in lending me and Brian and Besty and Lori her mountaintop for a few days), I have posted all of these graphics on my own bandwidth. My webmaster may have murder on his mind for that, but no one else needs to worry about it.

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