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By Michelle Malkin  •  November 18, 2005 06:39 AM

Hi, everyone! Hope you have been enjoying the guest-bloggers. Bryan, Lorie, Betsy, and Brian will keep things rocking and rolling through Friday night. I’ve been in six different airports the past three days–exhausted–and will be tied up most of the day on more book flogging. Will try and pop in with a few posts when I’m not catching up with my kids, life, and the e-mail mountain. Meantime, here’s a photo of a street sign I passed on my way to the Ithaca airport after an appearance at Cornell University (thanks to Megan and Tristen for holding up traffic to snap the picture):


Guess the townpeople snoozed through this and this and this.

So, Ithaca is basically the Berkeley of upstate New York. I had no idea it was that bad. Apparently, the city has its own politically correct currency (which sports the phrase “In Ithaca We Trust”). And a police officer described Ithaca to me this way: “10 square miles surrounded by reality.”

Ithaca is also home base to moonbat Rep. Maurice (Rove planted the Rathergate memos!) Hinchey.

Who cares about Kansas? The real question is: What on earth did they put in Ithaca’s drinking water?


FYI, I pulled a post from Bryan this morning (which you can find at his blog, Junkyard Blog, here). I agree with the sentiment, but disagree with the tone.

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