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The coaliton of the Googlin'

By mmguestblogger  •  November 18, 2005 07:01 PM

While there’s a lull in the action on that important troop withdrawal vote, take some time to stop by these blogs. They all used the Just Google It graphics or made their own versions.

Lifelike Pundits
Eric’s Boredom Revealed
The Owner’s Manual
Halbert’s Cubicle
The Red Vee Dub
The Kellino Zone
The Shape of Days
but that’s just my opinion
Justin Lollie dot com
Mark Tapscott
The Good and the Right
Slapstick Politics
The Lost-Tooth Society
Han’s News and Politics Blog
Big Daddy
Small Town Veteran
Combs Spouts Off
RadioActive Chief
Law and Ordance
The Defiance
Kokonut Pundits
The Squiggler
Gina Cobb
California Conservative
Changing Worldviews
Wild Tangents
Pursuing Holiness
Myopic Zeal
Super Fun Power Hour
Freedom Folks
Palmetto Pundit
Virtual Fret Noise
WMET 1160 AM Talk Back
The World According to Carl
Pious Agnostic
The Trading Post
Daniel in Brookline
Republicans Abroad in Panama
The Mike Church Show
I Love Capitalism
The Political Teen
Shared Daily
Jerad Brown
Daily Pundit
DANEgerus Weblog
Eclipse Ramblings
The Things You Believe You’re Seeing
My Sandmen
Nickie Goomba
Common Folks Using Common Sense
The NJ BLog
Stuck On Stupid
The Right Place
Dr. Sanity
Right Wing Nation
Chasing The Wind
Another Rovian Conspiracy
Crazy Politico’s Rantings
Garm Howling
Right Voices
Cake or Death
Jesse Richardson
Conservative Musings
Pundits My *ss
Raging Rabbits
Hard Talk
Cooper Republic
A Lady’s Ruminations
Peakah’s Pub
Point of View
Ridgecrest Blog
Two Babes and a Brain
I Have Something to Say!
Jason Coleman
PA Pundits
Right on the Right
Roscoe’s Excuse
Something…And Half of Something
Kirbside Musings
Don’t Get Stuck on Stupid
Clark Mountain Musings
South Dakota Politics
Sierra Faith
American Geek
Jo Rob’s House of Opinions
GM’s Corner
Thoughts Enroute
Timothy S. Carlson
The Shadow of the Olive Tree
The Auto Prophet
Dirk Belligerent
Obviously Right
News O Rama
Fake But Accurate
Bright & Early
Blonde Sagacity
Schultz Infosystems
The Violence Worker

And of course

Return of the Conservatives, who designed the animated logo.

This is a great group of blogs. I’ve become acquainted with many of them for the first time this week, and I’ll be visiting them again.

And while I still have time, I would like to thank Michelle for letting me post here alongside some outstanding company while she has been away. It has been a great week. If I didn’t drive you nuts this week and you would like to read more of my work, you may find me at the JunkYardBlog.

*Updated to include links that actually work.

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