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Bush's immigration talk

By Michelle Malkin  •  November 28, 2005 04:53 PM

The White House is webcasting the President’s speech paying lip service to immigration enforcement now.


Most ridiculous line so far: Introducing his temporary “guest worker” plan by saying we need to “bring workers out of the shadows and reject amnesty.”

More tough talk: Those who enter our country illegally violate the law. To keep the promise of america, we will enforce the laws of our country. Our responsibility is clear: we are going to protect the border.

We want to make it clear that when people violate our immigration laws, they are going to be sent home and stay at home.

Yeah, then explain this.

And this.

See also: No such thing as “temporary” amnesty.


04:48pm. Bush pays lip service to ending “catch and release,” which I’ve been reporting on the last three years. He mentions expedited removal–for non-Mexicans only.

See also: The Deportation Abyss and Deport Aliens.

04:57pm. Surprise, surprise! Bush pays lip service to employer sanctions and interior enforcement. Finally mentions problem of MS-13 illegal alien gang violence. Pays lip service to document fraud, without mentioning his administration’s own reticence over matricula consular cards for illegal aliens from Mexico and other countries.

05:01pm. Here we go. Temporary worker platitudes. They do the jobs “Americans will not do.” Tepid, tepid applause.


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