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By Michelle Malkin  •  December 12, 2005 11:40 PM

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It’s a zoo outside San Quentin prison, where convicted murderer/Crips gang co-founder Stanley “Tookie” Williams is scheduled to die by injection at San Quentin Prison at 12:01am Pacific time for murdering four people during two 1979 holdups. Live KPIX video feed outside San Quentin here. (Hat tip: Reader Dave.) Photos via readers and Yahoo!:




Jesse Jackson, the racial demagogue-turned-wannabe Death Row gawker, is desperately lobbying to be one of Tookie Williams’ execution witnesses, according to cable news reports.

Reader Doug from Upland e-mails that the crusading Rev. Jackson did not know the names of Williams’ victims when asked by KFI-AM radio talk show hosts John and Ken.

[Update: Reader Denise R. writes, “I was listening to [KFI host] John Zi[e]gler, he actually asked Jesse Jackson the names of the victims on a couple of occasions and his microphone was taken from him by Judge Mathis (the TV judge) and broken. He also was pushed by Jackson supporters, after that happened he was forced away from Jackson by Sheriff’s Deputies.]

On MSNBC this evening, host Tucker Carlson told his “friend” Al Sharpton that he would spare him embarassment by not asking him the names of the victims.

Why would he do that? Guess he didn’t want to ruin the freak show vibe.


As the execution hour approaches, keep the focus where it belongs.



Patterico sums it up:

“Tonight should be about honoring their memory, and bringing justice for their deaths.”


12am EDT: Press conference with San Quentin prison official. There will be 39 people witnessing the execution–including 17 members of the media and 5 witnesses approved by Williams. Official will not reveal identity of Williams’ five witnesses “for privacy reasons.” If Jackson is one of the five, it won’t be private for long.


Read these sober reflections from Captain’s Quarters, The Anchoress, and Baldilocks.

The Los Angeles Times has news analysis of Schwarzenegger’s decision not to grant clemency. An excerpt:

“Stanley Williams insists he is innocent, and that he will not and should not apologize or otherwise atone for the murders,” Schwarzenegger wrote. “Without an apology and atonement for these senseless and brutal killings there can be no redemption.”

The evidence of guilt, the governor’s statement said, included testimony from two of Williams’ accomplices, ballistics evidence linking Williams’ shotgun to the murders and testimony from four people that Williams had at different times confessed to one or both murders.

Moreover, he said, after Williams’ arrest, he conspired to escape “by blowing up a jail transportation bus and killing the deputies guarding” it. Although the escape was never carried out, “there are detailed escape plans in Williams’ own handwriting,” the statement said, adding that an escape plan is “consistent with guilt, not innocence.”

Loyola Law School professor Laurie Levenson said she thought that Williams’ clemency bid was plagued from the start by his position that he would never acknowledge that he committed the four murders.

“I will never admit capital crimes that I did not commit — not even to save my life,” Williams wrote in his 2004 autobiography “Blue Rage, Black Redemption.” He repeated that position Monday afternoon in a conversation with the Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jackson told reporters.

“Tookie wanted to have it both ways — he wanted to maintain his actual innocence claim so that he would have something to argue in the courts, but he still wanted to claim that he had been redeemed,” Levenson said. “In the end, he lost on both fronts.”

Rick Moran has an good round-up and writes a note to Tookie: Shake hands with the devil for me.

Ward Churchill bloviates.

Bruce Armstrong will blog through the execution hour.

SFChron writer Kevin Fagan describes the execution protocol.


Question: Did Tookie supporter Jamie Foxx skip Terrell Owens’ birthday party? Did Jesse Jackson get a rain check? (Hat tip: readers Andrew and Braun)

One final, last-ditch appeal for delay by Williams’ lawyers is rejected.

An estimated 2,000 gathered outside, shouting and obstructing a FOX News analyst doing a live shot.

The San Francisco Chronicle highlights the circus.

It’s done.



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